Essential Care - Remote Experts

The right expertise, at the right time

We handle the systems on the line, you handle your production

We commit to your sustainability and efficiency through our expertise; you concentrate on your production. Get support with the entire Ecosystem, tightening strategies, process control, vision, screw feeding, network, and databases.

Essential care

Today, poor maintenance strategies can reduce a plant’s overall productive capacity by 5 to 20 percent. At Desoutter, we believe that proactivity is the key to maximize your productivity and continuously improve your efficiency.

However, life is unpredictable. With Essential Care, you are ready to face any situation, anytime. Rely on our remote experts and over 100 years of industrial expertise to get the best out of your Desoutter solutions.

Always connected

Always connected

Get support within 1 hour whenever the situation gets critical, wherever you are on the planet.

Updates & upgrades

Updates & upgrades

Access the latest upgrades of all Desoutter products deployed on site. Stay safe with the latest IT security updates and look into the new available features.


Our commitment - your efficiency

Our customer’s issues were solved within the “Target resolution time” 96%* of the time

*Performances from July to December 2023


Minimal support footprint

Our experts can take over through a secured distant access to your products or servers. No travels, no emissions.

A Premium Approach to Service Delivery

Desoutter Service offers a premium approach to service delivery. The Remote Support Service portal is a brand new tool dedicated to providing an accessible and reliable communication platform for all US Desoutter Service customers. The new platform enables our customers to communicate with the US Service Team, and manage all their service requirements promptly and efficiently.

Key benefits for our customers

    1. All communications are visible to the entire US Service Team ensuring nothing ever gets missed. Requests do not sit in mailboxes when employees are absent.
    1. Provides a central portal allowing for quicker resolutions in the future.
    1. Guarantees a clear, easy-to-use process which is accessible 24/7.
    1. Delivers a prioritized structure.
    1. Establishes trends and patterns that might usually go undiscovered.
    1. Over time will build a bank of quick reference answers.
    1. Certifies the requirement to assign the correct Desoutter team member.
    1. Consolidates multiple interactions into one single thread.

The Portal at a Glance

Every US Desoutter customer can have access to the Remote Support Service Portal absolutely free of charge. Within the Portal, there will be a bank of previously answered questions, therefore our customers will potentially have the ability to get instant resolutions, and will certainly see recomendations and suggestions.

The Remote Support Service Portal is available at any time of the day, from any location using any device.

Any enquiries that need to be esculated through the Portal are categorised into three levels:

  1. Essential Care Support Contract

  2. Pre-commissioned

  3. Reactive Response

Our expertise - anytime, anywhere

Access technical notes and product documentation, and benefit from the history of all your requests

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