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Process optimization for all manufacturing operations

Achieving zero defects strategy

Achieving zero defects in manufacturing operations is a critical aspect of the assembly industry. The use of process control techniques to ensure that assembly solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of customers and that they are assembled correctly the first time is essential. This approach can help companies improve the quality of their final products and increase efficiency.

7 common manufacturing challenges

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Operator guidance

  • Complex product management

  • Real-time location

  • Error proof working station

  • Full traceability and scalability

  • Real-time check and rework

Zero defect strategy

Are you searching for an integrated solution to boost production efficiency?

We offer a system that combines station control, visualization, and traceability, allowing easy configuration of processes based on product variants. It ensures worker assistance, a zero-defect strategy, and full traceability without requiring programming skills. With global access to locally stored processes and seamless integration with various tools, the system supports paperless manufacturing, facilitates station networking for improved line balancing, and provides comprehensive insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Why using Process control ?

  • Complete independence:

    Easy configuration of production processes for product variants.

    No programming skills required, reinforcing ownership.

    Ensures rapid response times. Significant cost savings achieved.

  • Effective worker assistance

    Operator guidance system with a user-friendly interface guides employees step by step.

    Automatic parameterization of process steps and tools based on the variant.

    Enables direct support requests and access to help documents.

  • Zero defect strategy

    Maintain control over product quality with integrated Smart Tools and real-time feedback in the assembly process.

    Quickly detect and remedy assembly errors.

    Eliminate the occurrence of forgotten operations and confused components.

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Real-Time Location System

Optimize your manufacturing process

Are you seeking a solution where the positions of drilling, screwing, and other operations can be controlled with millimetric precision?

Our Real-Time Location System enables you to optimize manufacturing processes, improve quality control, and enhance safety. You can position and locate your tools and components with millimetric precision. The solution offers maximum flexibility for positioning and can record the position of the tool and component in three dimensions in a predefined work area.

Why using Real-Time Location System ?

  • Accurate

    Resolution in x/y/z up to 0.1mm. Capable of detecting screws that are 10mm from each other when integrated with tool for precise location system in three-dimensional space

  • User friendly for operator

    Augmented laser solution that can project visual guidance directly on the application for location system with intuitive operator guidance

  • Flexible

    Wireless location system that is easy to scale up with production evolution with the multi-infrared camera option to cover large area when needed

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