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Best-in-class solutions for your drilling applications

Millions of holes are drilled every year in aerospace factories worldwide, This highly critical operation is the field of highly expert engineers and operators, putting all their experience and skills to keep the production flow running

Whatever your challenge, Desoutter & Setitec teams will provide you the best-in-class solutions to any challenge coming your way.

Aerospace manufacturers face a large variety of challenges.

  • Ensure hole quality over time

  • Reduce cost-per-hole

  • Overcome accessibility challenges

  • Address the diversity of drilling operations

Wide solution range to address your challenges

In the aerospace industry, achieving precise & optimized drilling operations is crucial to comply with high quality standard requirements as well as productivity targets. A strong expertise in materials, cutting parameters, aerospace assembly processes as well as the tooling technology available are necessary to ensure the optimum solution is selected for each application.

Manual Drilling

Factories usually rely on thousands of pneumatic manual drills. Whilst being well known and effective they come with their drawbacks: Health & safety issues with air hoses lying on the floor, lack of control over drilling speed & cutter lifetime, poor energy efficiency.

Your Challenges

  • Quality & process control : Incorrect drilling speed will impact hole quality and cutter life; exceeding cutter limits yields poor results.

  • Safety Prevent accidents by avoiding air hoses on the floor, minimizing loud tool usage.

  • Sustainability : Moving to CO2 neutral factories will generate strong change to the industry

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Semi-automatic Drilling Solutions

When aiming for tight hole tolerances, consistency from the first hole to the last, robustness & performance, semi-automated drills answer the needs of the most demanding customers each and every day No wonder they remain the workhorses of aerospace factories. Amongst the thousands of holes drilled every day, few are similar: each application offers a new challenge, and will require a strong expertise to ensure the expected level of performance

Why Setitec semi-automatic drilling solution?

  • Cycle time focus Drilling through multistack materials require solutions to optimize drilling parameters to each phase of the cycle

  • Expertise of drilling experts to help supporting your challenges

  • Proven and highly precise drilling solutions

  • Large range of premium solutions to face every challenge

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Light Automation Solutions

Aerospace industry is transforming. Production ramp-up, pressure on non quality costs, shortage of skilled workforce, need for better traceability & process control. Moving to automation answers some of those challenges, but how can we maintain a high level of flexibility with creating yet another bottleneck?

Light automation is most certainly a good answer to those challenges

Why Setitec light automation drilling ?

  • Flexibility Automation has been for long synonymous with large automation cells, highly efficient, but with the potential to become a bottleneck

  • Application at core Aerospace assembly is a complex process. Starting up an automated roduction cell requires the best experts.

  • Workflow Integration Integrated systems to synchronise, robotic arm, drilling end effector & Station control is a highly complex task that can be steamlined

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