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RAPID - Screw Feeding System

Introducing RAPID, our advanced automated screw-feeding system. Seamlessly integrate RAPID into your assembly line to streamline operations, ensure precise screw delivery, and boost productivity.

The RAPID answers your challenges!

  • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks

  • Manage operational bottlenecks

  • Avoid unplanned line stoppage

What is the screw feeding system?

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Drive Down Costs

gain a competitive advantage

Every screw-feeding system is specifically designed to adapt to different applications. The success of your tightening station depends on:

  • The production line
  • The screwdriver
  • The screw-feeding system

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Tailor made to fit your needs

A comprehensive solution to empower your assembly line with unmatched compatibility, versatility, and performance.

  • Compatible with all Desoutter standard screwdrivers
  • Auto-feeding and pick & place types of tightening module
  • 2 types of feeder
  • Optional DRT / online calibration function
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • CE Certified
  • Modular designs with multiple options of strokes and loading head.

Screw feeding system selector

Build a solution to best fit your specific needs

Configure your fastening solution

Reliability and precision in every screw


  • Optional Z-axis head stroke

  • Vacuum types for hard to reach points

  • Vertical down, horizontal or bottom up direction

  • Auto-feeding or pick& place types to fit your needs


  • Screw distribution, Screw mixing

  • Combined auto-feeding and pick & place

  • Additional fill volume

  • Optional screw particle cleaner, Optional logic control by Rapid

Quality & Reliability

  • Error-proof design

  • Validated solution before shipment

  • Quick reset from potential screw jam without tools

  • Maintenance friendly

They trust the RAPID


The partnership between Desoutter and Autoliv is fruitful, stemming from effective collaboration. Together, we are working on innovative projects, enhancing efficiency and quality for our customers.