nexonar is an optimal solution for complex assembly tasks as well as for industrial flow production.

Positioning with nexonar

Man and tool work hand in hand. nexonar is an optimal solution for complex assembly tasks as well as for industrial flow production.

Humans are still irreplaceable in assembly: no robot can work as flexibly and adaptably. This becomes even more apparent when cordless screwdriving tools are used. Then the worker can move freely in the room, turn the tool in all directions, and in this way easily reach screwdriving points that are difficult to access. In the automotive industry, in aircraft construction, but also in general mechanical and plant engineering, there are many assembly challenges that can be optimally mastered with cordless screwdriving tools.

To ensure that a specific (battery) tool is only used at the intended screwdriving location, we offer various solutions for positioning as well as specifically for locating cordless tools. Our high-end positioning system is called nexonar: A camera uses an infrared signal to detect where the tool and the screwdriving point are located in the room. This allows you to reliably determine the position of inaccessible screwdriving points.
nexonar is just as ideal a solution for complex assembly tasks as it is for industrial flow production. Class A bolted joints can be ensured with the help of nexonar and controlled tools from Desoutter.

Safe position and attitude detection

With the greatest possible flexibility and freedom for employees, the probability of errors also increases. To meet the high quality requirements that apply in many industries, nexonar is the new, perfect solution.

The positioning system detects each individual screw joint by identifying special infrared trackers within a defined space that have previously been attached to the mold (ex-works or retrofitted). This reliably prevents human errors without limiting the flexibility of the employees.

The system ensures that all screws are tightened in the correct place, in the intended sequence and with the appropriate screw parameters by detecting the position of the tool with millimeter precision - on the X, Y and Z axes. By analyzing the objects in three-dimensional space, assembly quality is guaranteed: If the wrong screw location is approached, the tool is blocked so that incorrect assembly is not possible. Screws are counted, faulty components are excluded, and the screw sequence is maintained. Incidentally, nexonar also takes into account the position and orientation of the screw. In total, the Desoutter system thus works not only in three dimensions, but even with six degrees of freedom!

Industry standard: Infrared technology instead of ultrasonic technology

nexonar also works reliably in harsh industrial environments. The system uses infrared technology to detect exactly where the tool is located. In terms of accuracy, it even surpasses ultrasonic technology.

The only requirement is visual contact between the camera and the infrared tracker, which sits on the mold. The tracker emits an unmistakable LED signal. The distance between the tracker and the screwdriving point is precisely defined beforehand. In this way, the position of concealed, deep screwing points can also be reliably determined - even if they can only be reached with a bit extension.
"Pick-by-nexonar": To ensure that only screws or components are removed from a specific box for an assembly process, gloves can also be equipped with trackers that can also be tracked with positional accuracy by camera. If the worker reaches into the wrong box, the error can be indicated via a light or sound signal.

One camera can capture several hundred trackers

A big advantage of nexonar is that not only the tool is recognized freely in space and can be moved flexibly. The component and the camera can also be moved in space! Reference trackers, which are attached to the component, transmit its exact position - and thus that of each screwdriving point.

In the standard configuration, one camera can simultaneously detect up to 16 trackers in the workspace, distinguish between them and process their signals. If required, even several hundred trackers are possible! Several cameras can be combined to ensure visual contact in different assembly positions or to better illuminate large work areas, such as in the production of battery packs for electric vehicles. This ensures perfect detection of all trackers, even if the workers should ever cover a camera during work.

Incidentally, the camera only acts as a locator during position detection: it detects the infrared LEDs in the room virtually in real time - at 163 images per second. It is important for assembly workers to know that the camera does not see or record any images, but only compares the position of the screwdriving tool and the component.

Tool tracker - mobile or fixed

Desoutter screwdriving tools, whether corded or battery-powered, are available with permanently installed trackers or can be retrofitted with them. Battery-powered tools with pre-assembled trackers are a particularly compact, stable solution that guarantees you maximum precision. Corded power tools, on the other hand, can be retrofitted with mobile trackers. This option is somewhat more complex to handle, and the tracker also sits a bit bulkier on the tool. However, if changing tools are to be integrated into the positioning, mobile trackers are a good solution.

Positioning system: these are the tools you need

To set up the nexonar positioning system from Desoutter, you need at least the following equipment:

  • Higher-level control, for example our CVI3 or the CONNECT data center
  • Screwing tool with tracker
  • Infrared camera with associated hardware
  • Optional: monitor for more comfortable worker assistance

As a data center, the CONNECT ensures communication between the screwdriving tool, tracker, camera and PC via Open Protocol. In addition, all assembly steps can be tracked through this connection.

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