Solutions for your aerospace manual operations

Optimize your manual operations

Manual drills offer unmatched flexibility, precision, and reliability crucial for specific aircraft manufacturing tasks.

The technology now allows to transform such operation to bring all the benefits of electric technology to the aerospace factories

Quality pictogram

Quality & process control

Electric tools can be setup & controlled easily. Setup a constant drilling speed, ensure control of cutter lifetime are only of a few challenges electric manual tools can help you overcome


Health & Safety

  • No more hoses.
  • Quiet factory
  • Adjustable max torque level.
  • Now at your reach


Factories are thriving for carbon neutrality. with a X ratio Vs its pneumatic counterpart and with thousands of units in the factories, moving to electric will help you achieve your ambitious CO₂ reduction targets

Key facts about XPB range

Secure quality

Constant drilling speed and 2 steps trigger

Health & Safety

Great ergnonomics low noise levels and vibrations


Full freedom of movement. No air hose

Application focus

from 100 to 6 000 rpm, wide range of output and fitTi, al, CFRP

With XPB, 12 times less CO₂ emissions compared to an equivalent pneumatic solution !

Simulate potential CO₂ savings for your own installation.

Sustainability is now fully embedded in everything we do and guide every decision we make.


The smart platform

Getting the right manual drilling unit is crucial in aerospace manufacturing.

Full Modularity with wide range of heads

We offer a selection of crowfoots and can be combined with a 90° or 110° angle head. A patented indicator confirms that the attachment is correctly engaged, saving time and ensuring safe operation.


XPB range

Features overview

Drilling / reaming countersinkXX
Tempory fastenersX
Frangible collarsX
Drilling programs1Unlimited number of heads | 1 pset per head | 6 pset per head (optional)
Rfid head identificationX
Maintenance counterXX
Cycle counterXX
Progressive triggerX (optional)X (optional)
Bi-step triggerX (optional)X (optional)
Working lightsXX
Reporting lightsX
Access to curvesX
ConnectivityX (optional)