Desoutter Smart Assembly solutions introduced to Toyota China

June 3, 2022

In the automotive industry, it is said that Toyota's quality level is the top in the industry.

"The toughest car" is used for consumers to describe Toyota's quality. On January 16, 2018, the third production line of GAC Toyota was officially put into operation in Nansha, Guangzhou. There are three production lines: chassis assembly, interior assembly and exterior assembly. The annual production capacity planned is 200,000 units. Wireless and smart assembly are especially represented in this new facility. Based on this, Desoutter Tools met the needs of users, and introduced "CONNECT Smart Tightening Hub" as an ideal for the smart assembly for development of high-quality smart workshops through joint ventures with GAC Toyota.

In 2018, it was "cold winter" for the entire automotive industry in China. Cars sales declined for the first time since 1990. However, GAC Toyota had a "bucking the trend" growth, with a cumulative sales of 580,337 vehicles, exceeding the goal of 580,000 vehicles. The year-on-year sales increased by 32%, and the growth rate was 30% higher than the passenger car market.

Toyota's new plant inauguration

On 16th of January 2018, the third production line of GAC Toyota was officially inaugurated in Nansha, Guangzhou. As a production line of Toyota's new models plants generation in the world, it was built and reached global NO.1 production level of Toyota, featuring "intensive, intelligent and excellent". It mainly manufactures Ralink and Yaris models, and plans to expand its capacity to 200,000 units to meet the market needs', allowing the total output of GAC Toyota to break through 600,000 units per year.
In 2018, the sales of Ralink exceeded 200,000 units for the first time, becoming the first model of GAC Toyota whose sales exceeded more than 200,000 units a year. In 2019, GAC Toyota continued to maintain a good growth period. In January, sales reached 79,700 units, and year-on-year growth increased by 75% with a ring growth rate of 89.6%, which peeled off the past monthly sales record. Among them, Ralink's sales in January reached 26,681 units, and year-on-year increased by 90%. Since the listing, the cumulative sales have exceeded 720,000 units, entering the dominant camp of the intermediate cars produced by joint venture companies. Ralink twin-engine car
Toyata Market Focus

The growth of GAC Toyota's "bucking the trend" is the result of strict control of suppliers and quality value improved.

It is said that the automatic error-proof devices are widely used in the three TNGA chemical plants of GAC Toyota, which greatly improves the capability of quality assurance. The installation of parts in the Final Assembly Workshop is mainly done by operators. In order to avoid errors caused by accidental missing assembly, the factory also introduces an "automatic error-proof system" that automatically stops when an error occurs to effectively prevent the phenomenon of missing tightening, which is an important part of the quality assurance of the final assembly process.

In the No.3 plant, there are three production lines: chassis assembly, interior assembly and exterior assembly. Wireless and smart assembly are one of the key construction. It is equipped with wireless transmission information technology to achieve "paperless operation." No cord is used, and instead, a button is used ; the clipboard in the end of the final assembly line is turned into an iPad; when screws installed on the power tools failed, the quality inspection information will be immediately fed back to the screen.

Based on the needs of wireless and smart construction, the sales representatives of Desoutter Tools in Guangzhou and the Shanghai Product Technical Support Center think about what users think, and perfectly meet the users' needs with its revolutionary product "CONNECT Smart Tightening Hub".

At the beginning of the project, when introducing new product, users of Toyota felt that the new products had no practical application, and they were worried about the wireless transmission stability. In order to put away the customers' worries, through communication and consultation, we won an opportunity for on-site work station testing. Through the cross-departmental cooperation supported by sales of Desoutter and technical service team, from mid-March 2019, in five months, we had product demonstration and successfully introduced the CONNECT and wireless smart tightening tools BLRTC025 and BLRTC045 provided by our company. GAC Toyota currently installed more than 100 sets of applications of Desoutter power tools in No. 1, 2 and 3 plants.

CONNECT Smart Tightening Hub

Communication on customer applications and case sharing photos of sales representatives
Up to now, the value of "CONNECT Smart Tightening Hub" goes beyond sales. From the market feedback of other industries including aerospace, general industry, auto parts, etc., CONNECT will undoubtedly be epoch-making product that will change the rules of the game, and provides strong support for building the Industrial 4.0 plants for the industrial assembly to help customers achieve rapid transformation.

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