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Our new Industrial Smart Hub named CONNECT: a Desoutter 4.0 solution!

September 29, 2021

We are proud to introduce our new Industrial Smart Hub named CONNECT: a Desoutter 4.0 solution!

CONNECT is a platform which manages all items, actions, and information related to your assembly line activities to accelerate your transformation by boosting your flexibility, boosting your uptime, and boosting your productivity.

CONNECT is a multi-tool solution provider: you just need to simply activate a Tightening Unit in the CONNECT for each tool. A Tightening Unit is the eco-system of one cordless tool, and all items, actions, and information related to it.

You can get now two different types of CONNECT versions:

Introducing CONNECT-X and CONNECT-W  

which is embeding a wireless access point and can activate up to 10 Tightening Units: it means that up to 10 cordless tools can be connected and used.

which is requiring an external wireless access point and can activate up to 20 Tightening Units: it means that up to 20 cordless tools can be connected and used.


In addition, the CONNECT offers a single point of connection for communications between the factory network and up to 20 cordless tools, reducing cost of ownership and simplifying installations for easier line rebalancing.

The entire family of Desoutter Wi-Fi tools are compatible with the Industrial Smart Hub and all new tools in development will also be compatible.

In addition, dedicated error proofing accessories including, stack lights, socket trays, operator controls, and remote user interfaces help assure 100% reliability of the process control.

Boost productivity with Desoutter CONNECT

With a volume of only one gallon, the CONNECT is a compact and powerful solution, easy to install anywhere in the plant desired. Indeed, you can install the CONNECT in the workstation, at the end of the production line, on the process manager’s desk, or even in the server room.

With this Industrial Smart Hub approach, your assembly line will be free from cables, your workstations will have more space available. If all the CONNECT’s are in the same room, there is no need to walk the line to check each station. You just need to go to the CONNECT room and focus only on what you need to do. That will Boost your Productivity!

The Desoutter SIGHT remote HMI will provide you feedback from a workstation, which you can fine tune for each screen for each workstation.
Cordless tools can move easily to maintain or improve the quality and productivity level of your assembly line. It can be for tool calibration, maintenance, or reassignment to another workstation.

Optimizing the process to Boost your Productivity also requires the flexibility to rebalance the line and relocate the tools easily. With RFID easy pairing, Desoutter cordless tools pair with any CONNECT and are ready to work in a fast and effective way!

You will be able to add a new cordless tool whenever desired without disrupting other tools already running on the line.

Nowadays, things are moving so fast that we must constantly adapt to meet new challenges. Industrial devices are also subject to this trend so Desoutter designs accordingly. That is why we have implemented feature management with the CONNECT in order to Boost your Flexibility!

With feature management, you can fine tune each tightening unit according to the requirements for each workstation. This means you can activate and allocate a feature on one tightening unit and not on the other one.

After a while, if one feature is no longer of value on a tightening unit, thanks to our easy feature rebalancing, you can reallocate this feature to another tightening unit on another CONNECT very quickly and easily.

Feature management is a scalable solution which allows you to upgrade your workstations whenever you want. If a Desoutter feature fits perfectly with your new requirements, you only have to activate it and you are ready to use it!

Feature management with the CONNECT

The CONNECT is an Industrial Smart Hub conceived and designed to strongly support and accelerate your transformation towards an industry 4.0 factory. Choosing the CONNECT on your production line guarantees to Boost your Flexibility, Boost your Uptime, and Boost your Productivity!