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  • The MULTI compact modules can be installed close to, or on, the tightening unit, which means up to 60% less footprint*.
  • As it is designed with short-length tool cables, the installation is leaner, simpler, and faster.
  • Plus, the risk of failure due to cables is greatly reduced.

* Figure may change depending on installation

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Multi-spindle kit


Place your CONNECT wherever you want at the station or anywhere in the plant using the dedicated CONNECT network.

2 M-PowerBox

The MULTI all-in-one and compact M-PowerBox:
  • Can be connected to just one power source with a voltage level from 380V to 480V/3ph.
  • Option to be on a daisy chain of up to four power boxes to synchronize up to 4x10 tools.

3 M-ModuRack

No more cables, the M-Modurack ensures the power distribution, communication, and safety between all the components of the solution.

4 M-SafetyBox

The M-SafetyBox is a core component for MULTI’s safety management and the main connectivity point to the CONNECT and all your safety devices.
  • 24VDC power supply output (Compatible with CONNECT)
  • Ethernet
  • eStop (Cat.3 Pl.e)
  • Quick Stop
  • Safety by Fieldbus (i.e. ProfiSafe)

5 M-Drive

The M-Drive can manage all Desoutter premium EFM fixtured spindles and can be installed and rebalanced in a matter of seconds.
  • Restart in 30’ for the shortest stop on the line.
  • Optimised fanless cooling design for any production rate
  • Easy access to install and rebalance - only one safety screw
  • Direct front access to the tool cable
  • Tool hot swap change within 6 seconds

6 EFM - Fixtured spindle

Premium EFM fixtured spindles offer performance from 1 to 2000 Nm.
Designed for
  • Performance and durability
  • Compactness (lightest and shortest tool on the market)
  • Easy integration
  • Optimised PCD
  • High precision and repeatability

You can define your very own MULTI in five simple steps:
You’ll just need to provide your tightening specifications and your factory features. Then you can access the best-fixtured spindle solution specifically for your assembly line.

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Set – up your MULTI with Feature Management

Feature Management is a scalable solution that allows you to get the features that you need.
With its HIGH LEVEL OF FLEXIBILITY, you can add new features to your MULTI (working mode, protocols, PSET, assembly process, and advanced tightening strategies) whenever your production line requirements change. Just activate the feature, and off you go!

1 - Standard pack*

* For one spindle use only

Cord transducerized tool applications
Cord transducerized tool applications
Number Pset 10 6
Number of AP 10 6
Live results Torque, angle, curve Torque, angle, curve
Result transfers and storage Torque, angle, curve OK/NOK
Tighening strategies Torque and/or angle control Torque control, Angle monitoring
Protocol Open protocol Open protocol
Pairing Automatic Automatic
Discover the Desoutter global Feature Management

2 - Extra features

Working mode

Workgroup* - [MULTI : from 2 to 40 Spindles] Informations

Automation control with CVI LOGIX Informations

Pset & Assembly process

Additional PSET up to 50 PSET Informations

Additional PSET up to 250 PSET Informations

Additional AP up to 50 AP Informations

Additional AP up to 250 AP Informations

Advanced tightening strategy

Yield point Informations

Zero torque angle Informations

Seating detection Informations


Desoutter protocol Informations

Curves by Open protocol Informations

VW protocol* Informations

IPM protocol* Informations

PFCS protocol* Informations

FORD Protocol* Informations


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The story of the Multi

Since 1914, Desoutter has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of high-performance assembly tools. The MULTI is the result of our relationship with major OEMs in the automotive industry. Find out more about the birth of the MULTI

Multi-spindle solution
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