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The MULTI is an innovative modular solution for multi-spindle applications

The MULTI is an innovative modular solution for multi-spindle applications with remote control via the CONNECT platform. It's perfect for limited space, offering efficient cable management and can control up to 40 tools, synchronised or not.

The MULTI is made to

  • Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Manage multiple applications seamlessly

  • Avoid unplanned line stoppage

Discover how the MULTI transforms assembly lines

An integrated solution by Desoutter

Keep it simple and flexible

  • Extra compact size to minimise station footprint, the MULTI can be installed anywhere in a workstation, even mounted onto the machine. This means there is virtually no footprint.
  • Light cable management to simplify installation and facilitate maintenance or rebalancing.

Total traceability

  • In the event of faulty tightening, the system automatically applies pre-programmed corrective action scenarios: NOK Action Process.
  • Advanced tightening strategies are provided to manage complex applications.
  • Same CONNECT platform solution as the quality control tools for optimal management.

Halt unplanned line stoppage

  • Tackle tough environments such as vibration, heat, wetness, and dust on any torque level and related duty cycle time.
  • Be prepared for any part replacement as it can be restarted in 30 seconds.
  • Quickly identify the root cause and stop on the line using the CONNECT maintenance user interface.

Key facts about the MULTI

Up to 40 spindles

Modular - Choose from 1 to 40 spindles

2.15 ft²

Compact - Less then 1m for 4x10 spindles


Fastest restart - Restart a station unit in 30 seconds


Single platform - One common platform to manage all assets

Cobots, wheel solutions, and mounted machines

For versatile applications

Define your MULTI in five steps

Provide your tightening specifications and your factory features. Access the best-fixtured spindle solution specifically for your assembly line.

Built with customers, for customers

They trust the MULTI

Ford Changan

The MULTI is in line with Ford's digital production and intelligent manufacturing development planning needs

Standard Pack*

* For one spindle use only

PREMIUM - Cord transducerized tool applicationsESSENTIAL - Cord transducerized tool applications
Number Pset106
Number of AP106
Live resultsTorque, angle, curveTorque, angle, curve
Result transfers and storageTorque, angle, curveOK/NOK
Tightening strategiesTorque and/or angle controlTorque control, Angle monitoring
ProtocolOpen protocolOpen protocol

Extra Features

Working mode

  • Workgroup - MULTI: from 2 to 40 Spindles

  • Automation control with CVI LOGIX

PSET & assembly process

  • Additional PSET up to 50 PSET

  • Additional PSET up to 250 PSET

  • Additional AP up to 50 AP

  • Additional AP up to 250 AP

Advanced tightening strategy

  • Yield point

  • Zero torque angle

  • Seating detection


  • Desoutter protocol

  • Curves by Open protocol

  • VW protocol *

  • IPM protocol *

  • PFCS protocol *

  • FORD Protocol *


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