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For more than 100 years, Desoutter has been a world renowned expert in innovative tightening solutions. We help the automotive industry achieve excellence and boost its journey toward smart factory implementation.

Desoutter offers a wide range of expertise on how to guide you through your automotive risks and challenges

  • Perfect assembly according to specifications

  • Zero-defect strategy to achieve 0 PPM

  • Rigid quality gates to avoid callbacks

  • Maximized uptime to meet JIT/JIS demands

  • Performance boost to achieve cost reduction targets

  • Realtime Production BI for continuous improvement

  • Seamless traceability to defend against legal claims

  • Data collection and AI-analysis of big data volumes

  • Integrated automation solutions where customers can manage their own solutions

  • A sustainable and safe working environment

Automotive assembly

The automotive industry signals a growing demand for process control to further improve the quality of production processes while reducing operating expenses.

As an innovation driver, the automotive industry is already implementing changes in the field of automation, data interchange and production technology with beneficial results.

Safety-critical bolting is monitored and analyzed, and the recorded data is used for process optimization. Sensors record process data with real-time transmission to higher level databases.

What risks and challenges are car manufacturers facing daily?

  • Risk of losing production volume due to line stop

    Untightened bolts, new operators with not enough training causing wrong tightening, wrong components in the wrong place and many other things could be minimized with correct tool and data management. All these “small” things cause short stops which often cost more than $1,000 per minute. Decreasing short stops add both value and volume to your production.

  • Cost of rebalancing

    With the increased variety of platforms and models produced on the same line, the need for mobility and flexibility to freely adjust your stations increases day by day. With less hardware on the line and mobile software, you can focus on the processes that increase your throughoutput.

  • Operator safety and ergonomic solutions:

    Integrating robots and cobots with operators helps to increase production speed. A high production quality demands a high competence level in a short time. With guiding systems for operators and a high integration between operator and their robotic counterparts, you can reach a safe and flexible working environment with the highest output.

If you are facing these challenges and risks, contact us to understand how your reality could be optimized with proven innovating solutions from Desoutter!

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Automotive Tier business is not for the faint of the heart. Penalties for line stops may cost several thousand dollars per minute, failing JIT/JIS obligations may lead to supply contract termination and a callback can put the whole company at risk, and it can happen with something as little as a non-seated screw.

Now, with the rise of eMobility, new challenges appear for Automotive Tiers as new competitors enter the arena. Additionally, the infancy of BEV production puts extra pressure on OEMs, which then extends to their supplier base.

More than ever, Automotive Tiers are forced to strive for excellence in a constantly shifting environment. Powered by the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 promises automobile component suppliers significant effects at low cost. Steadily progressing digitalization offers this sector a powerful tool box for better reactions to growing market pressures.

What Desoutter brings to Tiers

  • Reductions in system downtimes

  • improved productivity through automation, resource optimization and reduced maintenance expenses

  • Flawless quality is doubtlessly an absolute must

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Desoutter's CVIR and CVI3 controllers have inbuilt error prevention measures, such as re-hit and seating point detection. This makes it easy to eliminate human error during assembly and improves the quality of tightening

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Top tools daily used in this industry

ECS - Parafusadeira Reta Controlada por Corrente

Quer seu foco esteja na redução de seus custos operacionais ou na melhoraria de sua produtividade, a parafusadeira controlada por corrente ECS oferece precisão, durabilidade e controle. Apresenta um sensor angular e um motor sem escova de alta velocidade para proporcionar durabilidade, qualidade e precisão excepcionais, oferecendo a perfeita solução para suas operações de montagem.

ERS - Furadeira Elétrica Transdutorizada

Quer seu foco esteja na redução de seus custos operacionais ou na melhoraria de sua produtividade, a parafusadeira transdutorizada ERS proporciona precisão, durabilidade e controle. A ferramenta possui um sensor angular e um motor sem escova de alta velocidade para proporcionar qualidade e precisão excepcionais, oferecendo a perfeita solução para suas operações de montagem.

CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub

O CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub da Desoutter é uma plataforma revolucionária com o poder de gerenciar até 20 ativos de aperto. O CONNECT proporciona uma flexibilidade líder no mercado, com total detecção de erros e rastreabilidade, permitindo um completo gerenciamento de todos os seus ativos de aperto.

MULTI - Solução Modular de Multieixos Giratórios

EAD - Apertadeira Elétrica de Cabeça Angular Transdutorizada

Alta precisão, apertadeira de cabeça angular transdutorizada para suas aplicações mais essenciais.

EABS - Ferramenta Transdutorizada a bateria

A menor apertadeira a bateria com cabeça angular, oferecendo alta precisão com comunicação sem fio para suas aplicações mais essenciais.

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