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Motion Capture

Track connected assets and operators movements in real time to enhance your production process - up to 100 first pass yield.

In assembly, production managers do not want to leave anything to chance: The screw should be tightened with the right tightening parameters at the right place on the right component. To achieve this, the tool must be available and activated exactly where it is needed. In addition, workers should be able to work unhindered while remaining fit and healthy. Desoutter's solutions for locating and positioning ensure that these goals are reliably achieved in terms of quality, productivity and ergonomics.

Whether only a single screw is tightened with a single tool or a complex component with many different screw locations has to be machined on several levels and on several sides: As different as the requirements in assembly are, as different are our solutions.

Geopositioning - nexonar

Higher quality for complex positioning tasks

Position tools with confidence using the nexonar vision system. It provides high precision, real-time geopositioning in 3D space (six degrees of freedom) to pinpoint the correct target location every time.

Virtual Cable

Reliable localization of battery-powered tools

Virtual cable simplifies variant management by controlling tool locations and applications, minimising errors and ensuring correct tool usage within designated working areas.

Guided Arms With Positioning Control

Tool stands and tool arms

Improve operator productivity, by taking the weight and reaction of the tools. Provide accurate position allowing to track the tool position during assembly process.

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