Light automatic solutions

Optimize your light-automation operations

Incorporating robotic technology into aerospace manufacturing is essential for driving efficiency, precision, and safety. By automating repetitive tasks, robots significantly reduce human error while boosting productivity. Their adeptness at handling intricate operations ensures unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Implementing lightweight automation simplifies processes, cuts down cycle times, and optimizes resource utilization. This helps the aerospace industry keep up high quality, save money, and stay competitive in a changing market.



Automation has been for long synonymous with large automation cells, highly efficient, but with the potential to become a bottleneck


Application at core

Transformation to automation can prove challenging. Rely on proven solutions for drilling to speed-up the transformation


Workflow Integration

Integrating light automation seamlessly into existing workflows poses a challenge, demanding a solution that harmonizes with diverse operational processes.

Key facts about our light auto drills


Based on semi automated tools, compact & light end effectors for a new approach of automation

Production proven

With a lot of common parts with semi aumated range


Its comacity makes it easy to replace/duplicate. Easily integratio into current production stations


From 1 end effector to full station

Setitec Light Automatic Solutions

Our advanced solutions from the Setitec range are designed to address the rigorous challenges of the aerospace industry. Not only can all our heads and equipment be seamlessly adapted to robotic end-effectors, but they also offer a wide range of applications beyond drilling. From temporary fastener installation to riveting and more, our solutions can be fully customized to suit specific requirements.

SETITEC R-eVo Features & benefits

Full Modularity with wide range of heads

All current SETITEC range of heads & equipments can be adapted to the robotic end-effector In addition to drilling, other applications are available: Temporary fastener installation, riveting… All solutions can be customized on the application

A tailor-made team for a tailor-made solution

Aerospace, automotive, off-road, etc. are different sectors which require different competences. As the very first step of your project, Desoutter makes sure that the experts with skills in line with your business will accompany you. Thus, your project team will always be the most appropriate team.

Why Setitec is a drilling expert ?

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