Create more in less space, and less time!

Multi is an innovative modular solution for multi-spindle applications

We understand the enormous challenge! Collecting data every day from multiple tightening assets, then training all users on every new system. Repetitive, time-consuming, and an increased risk of error. The Multi was specifically designed to become an asset of the Connect platform, and in turn, benefit from all its features


Multiple asset management to meet specific application needs, such as cordless tools, positioning tools, and digital smart wrenches.


Easy asset integration with easy pairing solutions, one single software to manage every asset.


Full traceability and access to data analytics using DeMeter. Connect is a powerful platform to manage all assets related to the assembly line.

How to bring your factory to the next level with our Modular Multi-Spindle Solution ?

Key facts about the Multi


Less than 1m for 4x10 spindles


Choose from 1 to 40 spindles

Fatest restart

Restart a station unit in 30 seconds

Single plateform

One common plateform to manage all assets

Keep it simple and flexible

The best solution for your plan configuration
  • Extra compact size to minimize station footprint, the MULTI can be installed anywhere in your workstation, even mounted onto the machine, meaning virtually no footprint.
  • Light cable management to simplify your installation and facilitate maintenance or rebalancing.

Traceability, a pain point turned into the future

Managing multiple applications without errors

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Unplanned line stoppage is a thing of the past…

Reliability, fast maintenance, and responsiveness
  • Tackle tough environments such as vibration, heat, wetness, and dust on any torque level and related duty cycle time.
  • Be prepared for any part replacement as it can be restarted in 30 seconds.
  • Quickly identify the root cause and stop on the line using the CONNECT maintenance user interface.

They use the Multi daily !

Desoutter keeps us up-to-date with automatic assembly developments and offers suggestions on where and how new solutions can benefit our business

Joel Dias

Process Specialist - FORVIA Faurecia

Select your MULTI: Modular Multi-Spindle Solution

Designed to create more in less space, and less time!

With MULTI or Without MULTI

Low cost of ownership

A compact system, easy maintenance, little cable management, and a single point of entry for all your tools, resulting in gained productivity. All tightening data is gathered through the Connect for optimum traceability and data analysis. Failures are identified immediately, with parts replaced in 30 seconds.

Standard pack*

* For one spindle use only

PREMIUM - Cord transducerized tool applicationsESSENTIAL - Cord transducerized tool applications
Number Pset106
Number of AP106
Live resultsTorque, angle, curveTorque, angle, curve
Result transfers and storageTorque, angle, curveOK/NOK
Tightening strategiesTorque and/or angle controlTorque control, Angle monitoring
ProtocolOpen protocolOpen protocol

Extra features

Working mode

  • Workgroup - MULTI : from 2 to 40 Spindles

  • Automation control with CVI LOGIX

Pset & assembly process

  • Additional PSET up to 50 PSET

  • Additional PSET up to 250 PSET

  • Additional AP up to 50 AP

  • Additional AP up to 250 AP

Advanced tightening strategy

  • Yield point

  • Zero torque angle

  • Seating detection


  • Desoutter protocol

  • Curves by Open protocol

  • VW protocol *

  • IPM protocol *

  • PFCS protocol *

  • FORD Protocol *


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