XPB - the One battery drill that you want

May 11, 2022

Taking customer challenges and translating them into solutions is one of the most rewarding things about working at Desoutter.

Earlier in 2019, we introduced the XPB-M - the first smart, modular battery drill dedicated to supporting an operator who needs to perform multiple tasks with many variables, such as different materials and fasteners: tasks currently handled using a large number of pneumatic tools. We are now extending the range to address other drilling challenges in the aerospace sector.

A large number of holes are still drilled manually to build an aircraft, meaning that some operators are performing the same task repeatedly, using the same drill at the same speed. In these circumstances, operators are looking for tools that help them deliver repeatable quality, while being flexible and comfortable to use.

Desoutter’s answer is the XPB One: a simple, lightweight drill packed with value!

XPB One ensures that drilling tasks are performed to optimum parameters by delivering a constant speed during operation, which greatly improves drilling quality. Since aerospace drills have to penetrate a number of different materials – such as CFRP, Aluminium, Steel or Titanium - we offer a tool fit for each of these applications: from the high speed XPB One 6000 rpm for CFRP or Aluminium to the XPB One 1000 rpm for Titanium. If an assembly line is reconfigured, changing the speed on the tool is simple to achieve with our user-friendly software. XPB One Aerospace Drilling

Performing the same task repeatedly can lead to work-related injuries, so operator safety and comfort are a big part of the XPB design. These drills are powered by a high-performance industrial battery, which eliminates the need for an air hose. This removes a major trip hazard from the workplace, prevents fatigue caused by having to drag heavy hoses into position and frees the operator to assume the most comfortable posture in which to work.

XPB One Desoutter Aerospace Solution

Ergonomic design and low noise and vibration further contribute to operator comfort. The XPB One is also equipped with several chuck & output options, including a Quick Release feature that makes it compatible with all Desoutter pneumatic heads.

All these aspects combine to make the XPB One the perfect smart electric drill, designed to fit seamlessly into existing aerospace assembly lines.

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