Wireless rotary torque transducers

Wireless rotary torque transducers

Make your tool verification & calibration simple

User friendly wireless rotary torque transducer, communicates via an easy-to-use web user interface. Captures torque & angle data along with the trace for your quality control, across all models. No additional hardware required, making tool verification and calibration easy increasing your uptime. For use with a wide range of tools: click-wrenches, slip-wrenches, pneumatic tools, direct drive nutrunners and Pulse tools. The new design improves accuracy & durability. Battery duration is approximately 8 hours. Battery included.

Features and benefits

  • Freedom to use on the line or in a station, no cable required. View the results on the choosen device (computer, tablet, etc.)
  • No software required
  • Fast and flexible connection: choose between the built-in access point, a connection to your network or via USB
  • Intuitive web user interface: view results, curves, database, data download facility in a matter of seconds
  • High torque accuracy: +/- 0.5% of the reading & high angle resolution thanks to magnetic ring technology
  • Quick tool verification, especially in hard-to-reach applications as there is no cable to manage
  • Peace of mind: memory storage of all torque & angle data with curves (50,000 results and 5,000 curves)
  • Increased durability: new design uses optical transmission of all data (brushless system), especially for use with Pulse tools

Product models

Key features

ReferenceDriveMin Torque (Nm / lb)Max Torque (Nm / lb)
WRT4-Hex1/461522105101/4" Hexagonal0.4 Nm / 0.36 ft lb4 Nm / 3.6 ft lb
WRT10-Hex1/461522105201/4" Hexagonal1 Nm / 0.88 ft lb10 Nm / 8.8 ft lb
WRT20-Hex1/461522105301/4" Hexagonal2 Nm / 1.47 ft lb20 Nm / 14.7 ft lb
WRT25-Sq3/861522105403/8” Square2.5 Nm / 1.84 ft lb25 Nm / 18.4 ft lb
WRT75-Sq3/861522105503/8” Square7.5 Nm / 5.53 ft lb75 Nm / 55.3 ft lb
WRT180-Sq1/261522105601/2” Square18 Nm / 13.27 ft lb180 Nm / 132.7 ft lb
WRT500-Sq3/461522105703/4” Square50 Nm / 36.87 ft lb500 Nm / 368.7 ft lb
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