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PivotWare Infinity ONE

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PivotWare Infinity ONE, allows you to run the complete PivotWare suite on a tablet, laptop or Desoutter’s Infinity Touch Screen Panels. As part of Desoutter’s Feature Management philosophy, you can enable and disable features to provide you with enhanced quality control and unrivalled flexibility.

  • One simple USB hardware to run the PivotWare process control software providing for the lowest installation and rebalancing costs.
  • Taylor your process control per station to match each station's specific requirements
  • Comes with a basic features pack, upgrade it when you need for a maximum flexibility & quick setup to lower indirect labour cost.
  • Feature Management ensures that you pay for only the features that you need minimising your purchase and operating costs.
  • Quickly increase or reduce the number features of each station ensuring cost effective line balancing.

Fusion software

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FUSION is the intuitive yet powerful solution to configure your PivotWare processes. Through one user friendly platform you have the power to create and manage processes, assets, variants users and reporting. Take complete control of your processes with FUSION

  • ‘Drag and drop’ functionality with no complex coding required enabling full ownership and agility at the lowest total cost.
  • One solution to manage the full PivotWare solution giving complete flexibility.
  • Secure process deployment and roll-back functionality to improve uptime and reduce risk.
  • Dedicated support portal with training material and ticketing system giving you ownership with the security of our expert team.
  • Visualize, export and analyse filtered traceability data, maximising your production asset for a fast return on investment.
  • Full traceability to facilitate TAKT Time analysis and identify training requirements to boost your productivity

Panel PC

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Desoutter’s Infinity touch screen panel PC is our in-house solution to hold the Pivotware process control software and Infinity One, to deliver the full integrated process control, operator guidance solution.

  • Industrial 17” panel PC for a best in class reliability insuring high uptime and productivity and lower your operating cost.
  • Extensive built in communications ports to meet your current and future need and lower your rebalancing cost.
  • One hardware and software solution reducing purchase and installation cost.
  • Vesa mount system, for a fast and easy installation for the lowest installation and rebalancing costs.
  • SSD drive to store your process data and traceability when needed.