Clamp Force Transducer

Clamp Force Transducer

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FCT- Digital Clamp Force Transducer

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If your process requires high repeatability, the FCT range of digital clamp force transducers, in combination with delta 6 or 7D, , is specifically designed for pneumatic and electrical pulse tools providing highly accurate clamping force and torque measurement. The FCT range is your perfect partner to boost your quality.

  • Built-in smart memory chip for automatic recognition eliminating setting errors, quick setup lowering indirect labour cost.
  • Accurate clamp load and torque measuring the repeatability of a pulse too to reduce quality defect and potential quality cost.
  • Digital communication provide fast and accurate data transfer with no external noise for a high data reliability.
  • Small foot print, top or bottom table fixing for a quick setup lowering indirect labour cost.
  • Measure Pulse Tools repeatability in tension