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How to take intelligent assembly to the next level?

June 23, 2023

In the smart factory, data is your most valuable commodity.

Used correctly, the information being produced by smart assembly tools can give invaluable insights into the performance of individual tools or entire production lines – often in real time. This opens up exciting new possibilities for improving efficiency. From predictive maintenance and condition monitoring to improving overall equipment effectiveness - boosting productivity and uptime.

With digitalisation and Industry 4.0 working becoming increasingly common, the big challenge is how to collect all the available raw data and analyse it in order to draw meaningful conclusions. I’m delighted to say that Desoutter has developed a new, data driven solution that will help to accelerate your transformation.

We have combined the expertise from our key customers and service teams to develop a powerful software solution that will drive production efficiency to new levels. DeMeter is a new software subscription service that automates the consolidation, processing and analysis of production data from Desoutter smart tools, our traceability software CVINet Web, our process control solution PivotWare and even third party sources.

DeMeter opens up exciting new prospects for users such improving cycle time on the line, making continuous improvements to processes, and understanding production trends in order to improve long-term efficiency.

The DeMeter platform uses robust analytics to process and transform raw data into meaningful results. It offers three distinct ways in which users can interact with their data to derive optimum value and gain a competitive edge.

  • Real-time dashboards presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visual, easily digestible format. Custom dashboards can be created to meet the different needs of each teams such as quality, maintenance and engineering. This allows for delivery of tailored and relevant results in all cases.
  • DeMeter Notifications show the real-time status of devices. Users are alerted to key issues, such as an unexpected rise in NOK indications. These notifications can be sent to a workstation or smartphone.
  • BoostLab - an in-depth reporting solution - analyses production trends and provides recommendations and prescriptions to boost productivity. These prescriptions boost quality and drive down cost over time.

Based on Open Protocol, DeMeter is a product built for the future. Already designed to integrate with other industrial assets (non-Desoutter) in future and, pull even more data into a single user interface. To find out more about DeMeter and how it will transform your production efficiency, watch this video.


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