New semi-automatic electric tool for drilling applications

April 5, 2022

Designed for one-hand operation, the éVo Light helps reduce operator fatigue and maintain accuracy during drilling operations.

Do you ever find yourself bewildered by technology? The latest android phone, with so many features that you are not sure how to make a simple call: the mystery button on the TV remote control that has no apparent useful function; the bathroom scales that know more about your calorie intake than you do!

It is tempting to try and make one piece of technology capable of responding to every eventuality, but technology needs to be fit for purpose. This is a key guiding principle for Desoutter when developing new assembly tools. What functions will really help to boost productivity and performance? How can we support the operator to work efficiently and safely?

Take drilling tasks as an example. In some applications, there are lots of variants in the size of holes required and the type of materials being drilled. This demands a modular approach in the design of the assembly tool, so that components such as motor units and drill heads can be quickly and easily interchanged, resulting in minimum downtime. As part of our SETITEC range, the modular éVo from Desoutter couples this level of modularity with full control over drilling parameters and real-time drilling monitoring with automatic detection of exit points. New semi-automatic electric tool for drilling applications: the éVo Light

In other drilling operations, such as orbital joints, the main aim is repeatability: producing the same sized hole in the same material with accuracy and efficiency. There is little benefit in using a modular tool here. What is required is a dedicated tool for repetitive drilling tasks, which will minimise operator fatigue while delivering consistency and repeatability. What is required is an éVo Light – and Desoutter is happy to deliver.

New semi-automatic electric tool for drilling applications: the éVo Light

In June, we will be introducing the new tool into our SETITEC range of semi-automatic electric tools. éVo Light features a monobloc, fixed head to deliver stability and consistency in repeat drilling applications.

Designed for one-hand operation, it has balancers for horizontal or vertical drilling to help reduce operator fatigue and maintain accuracy. Consistency and reliability are further guaranteed by independent feed and speed motors, which enable éVo Light to deliver up to 2Nm torque.

Drill down into more detail when the product launches in a few weeks’ time.

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