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CATL fast charging battery – Shenxing technology

December 14, 2023

FAST charging battery – Shenxing technology: Discover how CATL has improved production efficiency in battery manufacturing.

CATL fast charging battery – Shenxing technology: Discover in this Case Study how CATL  has improved production efficiency in battery assembly using new disruptive solutions.

Shenxing Technology: what is it?  

By accelerating the extraction of lithium ion, the technology then improves the intercalation rate and increases the conductivity. This process is called “4C”, where the “C” refers to the charging multiplier of the battery and can charge an LFP battery (Lithium iron phosphate) used in Tesla cars in 15 minutes. 

Why this is innovative for electric vehicles ?

Using this kind of battery will change our point of view when it comes to charging a vehicle. This is game-changing in terms of autonomy for EV (electric vehicles). We are now capable of driving 400 km with only 10 minutes of charge time and a range of over 700 km on single full battery charge. 

How will solutions for electric vehicles be crucial for the future?

Batteries are evolving and the solutions for assembly processes must become more sophisticated and intelligent to follow the expension of electric vehicles. At Desoutter, we are constantly aiming to develop tools that will help operators and the industry to avoid electric shocks or overheating.

Disruptive solutions for battery assembly manufacturing 

Desoutter has worked with CATL from the early stages of its development. By helping them establish robust tightening process standards while simultaneously improving existing tightening processes. Desoutter has helped ensure product quality with:

  • Multi-tool management
  • Pset management and infrared positioning system
  • Ease of integration

Download the case study, to read the full story.


Download the case study