Every product is unique and every situation is too. That's why Desoutter Industrial tools provides you with customized solutions. The systems are developed at our Application Centers in Europe, America and Asia.

Get a Customized Solution for your Industry

Many manufacturers around the word rely on Desoutter to develop custom torque and tightening tool systems for their assembly requirements, including their quality assurance and error proofing standards. The systems are developed at our Application Centers located in Europe, America and Asia.


We do not claim to reinvent the wheels for every solution! This is the reason why our customized solutions rely on standard bricks that can be assembled by our experts in a well-proven manner, with no delay.

Our bricks as standard. Because there is always a specific need for a specific customer, we create bricks everyday.

The ways we assemble bricks are standard. Because all needs are particular, we create new ways every week.

This is exactly how our application and integration centers work. This is also what makes our teams worldwide so excited about standardization: they do their own standards, they make them evolve and progress in order to bring more flexibility to you. They are always able to propose a solution in due time and in accordance with your specifications, just because we always have standardized bricks on the shelf.
Creating fully-proven customized solutions that are fast to deploy could be the motto of our application and integration centers.


Customization does really mean something if we are close to you. For that reason, our integration centers are spread all over the world so that we are always nearby and able to work hand in hand with you, at your pace, face to face.

A global partner with local support

All these competence centers work as a network of professional and experts. Whatever solution designed in Germany is immediately profitable to our Brazilian integration center, and vice versa. Whatever skill available in North America also benefits our Chinese experts.

In the end, all this connected expertise aims at serving our customers in the best manner.


Rather than several teams spread out all over the world, one virtual single team is behind every customized solution. The team in charge of your project is composed of the most appropriate experts for your project.

A set of multiple expertises and competences for your project

Each project implies several skills: project leaders, automation engineers and mechanical engineers.

But gathering skills does not make a team, or at least, not the team you need for your project. This is the reason why, at Desoutter, team members for a given project are not selected only on their skills, but above all on how they will be able to optimally use their expertise and experience on your project.

A tailor-made team for a tailor-made solution

Aerospace, automotive, off-road, etc. are different sectors which require different competences.

As the very first step of your project, Desoutter makes sure that the experts with skills in line with your business will accompany you. Thus, your project team will always be the most appropriate team.

Desoutter does not bring you a team but the team.

You certainly have understood that the experts behind are a big part in the success of the customized solution provided by Desoutter: the right people with the right tools.


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