Desoutter Industrial Tools won the Volvo Quality through Excellence Award!

March 23, 2021

Desoutter Industrial Tools received the Volvo Quality through Excellence Award (VQE Award) proving its high-quality standards and reaffirming Desoutter’s commitment to its clients: Desoutter Industrial Tools providing “More Than Productivity”.

The Volvo Quality through Excellence Award recognizes the top Volvo suppliers for their cost efficiency, innovation, environmental protection, supply availability, and the utmost quality of their products. Volvo has set up a list of 12 criteria evaluating performance and customer endorsement to select its tier 1 suppliers: those who deliver the best.

  • Capable Systems,
  • Capable Manufacturing Process,
  • Ongoing Performance,
  • Customer Plant Impact,
  • Customer Endorsement.

Based in Sweden, Volvo Cars has been working together with Desoutter Industrial Tools to assemble their products for over 10 years.

As a top car manufacturer, Volvo is constantly looking for a higher degree of quality from its suppliers. Every year, this quality is rewarded via the Volvo Quality through Excellence Award.

This year, Volvo has acknowledged Desoutter Industrial Tools’ excellence and declared it best in its category based on its commitment, its innovation-driven approach, and the quality of its solutions.

Glenn Heed with the Volvo Quality through Excellence award Glenn Heed, Desoutter Industrial Tools Manager for the Nordics regions, was very proud when he received the award on 27th November in Göteborg: “Desoutter Industrial Tools’ customer-centric strategy based on fundamental quality and manufacturing disciplines is rewarded. Trust is key in our approach. Over the past couple of years; we have been working very closely with Volvo to support their new SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) modular chassis which will first come to market under the 2016 XC90. Volvo has found in Desoutter Industrial Tools the partner of trust who offers them a global presence, a proven experience, meets its quality and time commitments and invests in R&D to keep on providing the most advanced products. To have this trust rewarded on so many grounds means a lot to Desoutter Industrial Tools and proves that our approach to provide “More than Productivity” is the one expected by global car manufacturers”.

With products driven by innovation and its global presence, Desoutter Industrial Tools comes as a supplier who will be in a position to support Volvo for the future, whatever its development strategy. The trust that Desoutter Industrial Tools delivers in time, that quality comes first and that this will go on for the decades to come lays the foundation for the Volvo Quality through Excellence Award.