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Case study - Renault Trucks enhances its electric motor assembly process

June 26, 2024


In response to market demand, Renault Trucks aimed to adapt their Bourg-en-Bresse site to produce electric trucks. This challenge required an update of their manufacturing process and lead to the creation of a dedicated electric motor assembly line.

The Challenge

Unlike a combustion engine line where tightening stations are conveniently placed on each side, electric motor lines require operators to rotate the electric engine to accomodate the tightening of various connectors and cables.

    • A key challenge included finding an efficient and reliable solution for these multiple tightening operations that would allow operators to work around the truck’s electric motor while complying with strict tightening parameters.
    • In addition, the solution needed to be compatible with Renault Trucks’s SUMO ERP operating system, enabling total traceability.

The Solution

With intelligent technology, Desoutter’s cutting-edge assembly tools transformed Renault’s production floor. The solution combines a Desoutter Ecosystem approach, flexible and adaptable technology, ERP compatible solutions, and a custom tooling solution. It includes a battery-powered cordless trolley tool station. The trolley features Wi-Fi-enabled wireless tools, such as screwdrivers and torque wrenches, controlled by a CONNECT smart hub. .

Your Turn

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Discover how Renault Trucks enhances its electric motor assembly process using Desoutter's tightening solutions.

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