EABS - Wireless Transducerized Battery Tool

EABS - Wireless Transducerized Battery Tool

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EABS - Transduceried Battery Tool

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The Smallest battery angle-head nutrunner, offering high accuracy with wireless communication for your critical applications.

  • One hand nutrunner offering high accuracy tightening even in joints with limited access.
  • Torque and angle control ensuring the quality of each tightening and reducing your potential warranty costs.
  • RFID pairing between the tool and CONNECT Smart Hub enabling quick and easy tool replacement and increased uptime.
  • Lightweight design and two battery positions provides excellent balance ensuring your operators enhanced comfort and productivity.
  • 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz wireless communication for fast and secure data communication.
  • Built in transducer, complimented by innovative software, offering multiple tightening possibilities with just one tool.
  • Double strain gauge transducer with high frequency angle sensor for a high accuracy and repeatability to maximise your quality.
  • Use of 18V or 36V battery, with same performance level in speed & torque. EABS can run over 1000 rpm with the lighter 18V battery