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CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub

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Desoutter’s CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub is a revolutionary platform with the power to manage up to 20 tightening assets. The CONNECT offers market leading flexibility, with full error proofing and traceability enabling complete management of all of your tightening assets.

  • Multi asset management and a single connection to your operating system, for the lowest installation and rebalancing costs.
  • Fine-tunes station per station, pay only for features that you really need minimising purchase and operating costs
  • Easy & fast scalable solution : quickly increase or reduce the features of each station ensuring cost effective line balancing.
  • Easily programmable with up to 250 Assembly Processes to guide the operator and reduce errors.
  • RFID pairing between the CONNECT and the tool enabling quick and easy tool replacement and increased uptime.
  • Fully compatible with a range of error proofing solution, via one cable, reducing purchase and installation costs.
  • Easily removable memory allows you to transfer all settings and data to another CONNECT with minimal impact on your productivity.