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Assembly solutions that ensure safe connections and protect workers from high voltage

Explore our assembly solutions to ensure safe connections

With over a hundred years of assembly expertise and our complete Ecosystem, we offer quality, safety, flexibility, productivity and increased availability.

For electric vehicle assembly, we offer:

  • Flexible automation

  • Comprehensive error protection to guarantee process and product safety

  • Advanced process control with enhanced traceability

  • Live monitoring with real-time alerts

  • Expert process optimisation

Your partner in automotive transformation

We, at Desoutter, are committed to being part of the solution for a better tomorrow. Sustainability will continue to be a key driver for the coming years, and we’ll support our customers to reduce their C02. Our vision is to become their strategic partner, to be closer to them and to bring solutions to their challenges.

Yohan Verdon

Vice-President Desoutter Tools

From cell production to assembly, we help drive performance with the right solution



  • Fully insulated tightening solutions
  • Full insulation (not only the socket)
  • Operators protection
  • Equipment protection


  • Feature management for flexible assembly
  • Automation: Robotics/Feeding
  • Rebalance stations quickly
  • Flex assets to production requirements
  • Add peripherals as station needs change
  • Expand or remove pSets
  • Managed flexibility


  • Error proofed, automated, easy
  • Enable/Disable your tools based on location
  • Assist your workers with operator instructions or visual guidance
  • Optimise each process steps and avoid rework
  • Get live KPI’s, alerts and notifications
  • Set up your SMART and paperless factory


Protect operators and tools against electrical shocks and damage

Did you know that an improper assembly line, using high voltage can cause severe injury or even death? Iin the United States, there are approximatively 1000 death per year as a result of electrical injuries. Of these, approximatively 400 are due to high-voltage electrical injuries. In most cases, the electrocution occurs in the workplace (about 60%).


Bring more flexibility to your assembly process

Do you need to reduce the: · time a vehicle spends in assembly processes? · time required to complete a major model change? · cost to add or switch models? · initial value/re-tooling investments? · assembly line footprint? · plant's carbon dioxide emissions and the products' CO² footprint? · ongoing maintenance costs?


Optimise and assure your production

Three questions you need to ask yourself: · Do you maximise the benefits from your production data? · Are you able to turn insights into action? · Are you able to adjust your production processes in real-time?

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Desoutter's CVIR and CVI3 controllers have inbuilt error prevention measures, such as re-hit and seating point detection. This makes it easy to eliminate human error during assembly and improves the quality of tightening

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Solutions to ensure safe connections and protection for workers against high voltages

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