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Smart Factory: Desoutter products for the future factories

November 23, 2021

Desoutter 4.0 uses modern technologies to automate assembly and make it more flexible—from mass production all the way to automated production of “Batch Size 1”.

An example of networked assembly:

Companies offering a wide product range with diverse variations need flexible production to be able to manufacture these products cost-effectively. Flexible production requires networking of production systems with each other. They can communicate with each other—an important step toward automation.

An example from production in practice is the screw assembly with an integrated CVIR controller from Desoutter. The controller is linked to other systems—with the screwdriver, with an enterprise resource planning system such as SAP and with the component. Depending on which product variation should be assembled, different components are used that each require a different screw-assembly program. For the CVIR controller to select the right screw-assembly program, the component is provided with a scannable product code that contains this information. The matching screw-assembly program is automatically read from a(n) (SAP) database and transmitted to the CVIR controller, which specifies the program to the screwdriver. The worker can install the component in the next step. This screw data is in turn transmitted in real-time to the “CVI NET WEB”, which is networked to Cloud software with the controller; that is the data is synchronized and available to other systems for documentation or analysis. Users can display all information on the screw connections made via “CVI NET WEB” graphically, analyze it and optimize its assembly.

By connecting the CVIR to SAP, up to 500 product variations can be produced at a single workstation. Desoutter 4.0 supports mass production with modern technologies all the way to the production of Batch Size 1. 

Learn more about the current generation of our controllers here in the virtual demo of CVI3 Vision: