Driven to excel

April 18, 2023

Driven to excel

Automotive design takes into consideration a series of critical aspects, from passenger safety, to build and material quality, to aesthetics. It also takes into account customer expectations around comfort, diagnostics and onboard entertainment – as well as societal pressures such as reducing environmental impacts and the availability of parking space in towns and cities. Hence the trend towards miniaturization, in order to pack more functionality into a smaller space, and the rise of the electric vehicle.

Automotive assembly has to make sure that it can deliver on all the design criteria to produce vehicles that are safe to drive, packed with the latest equipment, and with the style and comfort that customers expect. To achieve all this, assembly workers need the right tools.

For example, it is essential that the correct torque – calculated during the design stage – is applied to safety critical equipment such as wheel nuts, brake calipers, safety belt anchors and steering columns. This not only demands precision, it also requires repeatability. For quality control purposes, assembly tools will also contribute to process control and traceability. After all, fastening cannot always be automated, particularly in confined spaces – it still involves direct human intervention.

Saltus MVI

Desoutter is dedicated to developing tools that will meet current and future automotive assembly requirements. We understand that optimizing productivity involves a combination of tool quality and functionality alongside operator comfort.

MVI Saltus picture

Desoutter with SALTUS is one recent example. This range of crowfoot tightening solutions features SALTUS geared front attachments on Desoutter handheld tools which can be customized to achieve high class assembly in challenging applications. The crowfoots can be combined with a 90° or 110° angle head, improving accuracy and accessibility for hard-to-reach fasteners. It is suitable for use on tube nuts as well as standard nuts and bolts – with or without a hold & drive option – which makes it ideal for tasks like brake assembly.

The tool cannot be activated unless both hands are used, protecting operators from injury should fingers come into contact with the rotating head. To ensure you get the tool you need when you need it, Desoutter with SALTUS has a modular design that allows custom solutions to be ordered in the same way as a standard tool. Integration of SALTUS manufacture into the Desoutter family also results in simpler order processes and shorter lead-in times while maintaining tool quality – helping to boost productivity for automotive customers.

Servicing and maintenance are also much simplified using Desoutter’s unique digital twin. This allows customers 24/7 access to comprehensive product documentation and makes the tool fully traceable. We are committed to continuous improvement in the development of our assembly tools. Our key drivers are durability, precision, quality, repeatability and traceability, to ensure Desoutter assembly tools continue to support the productivity goals of our automotive cutomers.

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