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Industry 4.0 dedicated tools and solutions

January 18, 2022

New Desoutter general catalog with Industry 4.0 dedicated tools and solutions!

We are happy to introduce our new general catalog, currently available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Featuring all our latest dedicated Industry 4.0 tools and solutions, it also unveils a brand new "physical to digital" reading experience with the use of the Augmented Reality technology in order to ease your work with Desoutter! Download the new General Catalog now!

The CONNECT, our Industrial Smart Hub

The CONNECT is a platform which manages all items, actions, and information related to your assembly line activities to accelerate your transformation by boosting your flexibility, boosting your uptime, and boosting your productivity.

It is a multi-tool solution provider: you just need to simply activate a Tightening Unit in the CONNECT for each tool. A Tightening Unit is the eco-system of one cordless tool, and all items, actions, and information related to it.

B-FLEX QRX, the advanced Multi Applications tool

The B-Flex QRX is a new autonomous battery tool, which will:

  • Boost your productivity with real time torque change depending on the chosen socket or accessory thanks to the RFID technology. No more mistakes!
  • Boost your flexibility with the possibility to use the same tool for multiple applications, up to 6 different torque!

New "Digital Experience" section

Discover our various Digital Experience software to set your tools right, improve your measurement, gather live data for reporting & traceability and control your processes with Pivotware.

New "Solutions for Aerospace Smart Factory" section

"Aerospace is a fantastic and extremely demanding industry, often synonymous with highly skilled personal and cutting-edge technologies. But with a production characterized by relatively small volumes, long cycle times, large components and high variability in the production processes, this industry offers specific challenges when it comes to the dissemination of smart tools and solutions. As volumes continue to grow with people travelling more & more, all major OEMs need to increase the overall process efficiency, limit quality costs and cycle times, and exclude human factors as a source of error. With intelligent software and digital networking, assembly tools can now make a key contribution. They offer far greater flexibility and can be fully linked both to each other and to manufacturers’ production and quality systems." - Short extract of the Desoutter Industry 4.0 whitepaper

As market leaders for advanced drilling solutions in aerospace, our experts are working daily with the most demanding customers to reach the highest level of quality, productivity and safety necessary in the aerospace market. The SETITEC semi-automated tools have been drilling thousands of holes daily, in any possible configuration, facing the most challenging environments and delivering the highest level of performance. Building on this expertise, and faithful to its philosophy of innovation, modularity, and expertise, SETITEC has used combined the potential of electric technology and drilling expertise to develop the electric range éVo, improving even further the drilling operations. Still driving the innovation, SETITEC latest range of light multi-function end-effectors will accelerate the transformation of robotic solutions in the aerospace assembly processes.

Interactive Catalog

Watch out for this sticker below inside our general catalog and run the Augmented Reality tool embeded in the Desoutter Assistant mobile application to benefit from:

  • Full scale 3D models
  • Application pictures
  • Videos
  • User manuals
  • Spare parts
  • ...