Double vision: the advent of the digital twin

Double vision: the advent of the digital twin

Rapid advances in technology offer us new and exciting opportunities for storing and exchanging data. At Desoutter Brand & Digital Communications, we have been exploring the possibilities offered by developments such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Augmented Reality, Marketing Automation and Account Based Marketing, Mobile Applications, Web personalization and the Cloud to see where they can be applied to deliver real, tangible benefits for our customers.

A prime focus has been to make information, about our assembly and drilling tools, more accessible than ever before: from the point of selection, through performance data analysis and maintenance to the end of their service life… and re-purchase. We’re going way beyond the digitalization of printed service manuals and online datasheets here: say hello to the Desoutter Digital Twin.



To build-up the Desoutter Digital Twin, we have created a Desoutter Digital Fab Lab. We gathered in a unique place Desoutter stakeholders, from sales engineers to inside sales; from R&D software engineers to mechanical designer, from service engineers to maintenance technician, and from user experience designer to social media specialists. They literally designed every prototype and build-up the sales pitch.

Desoutter customers are able to access the virtual double of their assembly tool. The digital twin is an exact virtual replica of the real tool, holding information about performance, service and maintenance requirements. Using a unique tool ID that can be scanned via a mobile phone or tablet, you will be able to access the digital twin for your individual tool and all the information linked related to it.


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The Digital Twin will enable instant access to technical drawings, compliance certifications and calibration information, including factory settings. The user manual, spare parts listing and technical specifications will be accessible too. The Digital Twin will enable customers to access service support, check a maintenance timetable based on actual tool usage, and receive alerts when maintenance cycles are approaching. There is also the option to order another tool and accessories online or request a quote.

Acting as a self-service portal 24/7, the Desoutter Digital Twin will deliver a host of benefits for engineers, maintenance personnel and purchasing teams. With all the information relating to each tool in one place, the Digital Twin makes life so much easier. It facilitates performance tracking, preventive interventions and rapid ordering of consumables to optimise tool life and return on investment.



Accessible via the Desoutter Assistant mobile app, our new Digital Twin is another great way to boost uptime, boost productivity and accelerate your transformation to digital ways of working.

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