New ergonomic battery-powered nutrunner: the EABS

New ergonomic battery-powered nutrunner: the EABS

The EABS is our new, battery-powered nutrunner and has been ergonomically designed for one-hand operation.

Need an extra hand with productivity? In assembly applications there are few things more frustrating than trying to manoeuvre a power tool in a cramped space – especially when you need one hand free to support yourself or hold other components out of the way. 

In the automotive and aerospace industry there are always some fasteners and joints that are difficult to access. For example, in the car final assembly these difficult accesses present a daily production challenge

Desoutter developed its popular and reliable EABC nutrunner for exactly this type of situation; but it became clear that our customers needed even more in terms of compactness and performance to deliver the accessibility and flexibility they required. Desoutter cannot resist giving customers a helping hand - but I believe we may have surpassed ourselves this time!

The EABS is our new, battery-powered nutrunner and has been ergonomically designed for one-hand operation. With a length of only 30 cm, EABS eliminates space constraints in order to boost your productivity and to make the job easier for operators.

20 to 35% more compact than similar products on the market, with a weight of only 1kg and offering 360º visibility feedback, the EABS makes tightening fasteners up to 24 Nm in cramped conditions far quicker and easier than ever before. In addition, you no longer have to choose between workstation ergonomics and productivity! EABS core models can run at over 1000 rpm while using the lighter battery (18V). In our opinion, it delivers the best balance ever between ergonomics and productivity in a cordless tool, so you do not have to compromise.

New ergonomic battery-powered nutrunner: the EABS

To boost productivity further, the EABS can function as part of a wireless network.
To boost your flexibility, with easy rebalancing, it can be paired to a Desoutter CONNECT smart hub for applications where total traceability is essential. Our pairing method is contactless and takes less than 10 seconds.

It has been designed to eliminate any programming errors, such as incorrect IP address assignment, which can cause hours of unplanned downtime to resolve on the network. All in all, EABS represents a real step-change in cordless tool design and means you can improve your productivity single-handed!

So, now you have a hand free – can we get a high-five?

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