Alpha digital torque tester - Torque measurement systems

Alpha digital torque tester

Alpha D Series is designed to monitor and collect torque check results from screwdrivers, torque wrenches or click wrenches.
Ideal to tune the tools thanks to real time statistics on color display and high capacity torque results storage.
Traceability with included software result acquisition with time stamp, including PDF or XLS reports.
Three models with embedded transducer to cover torque range from 0,1 to 16 Nm. All models are provided with two included joint simulators to test nutrunner according to different joint stiffness conditions.

Alpha digital torque tester (3)

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Thumbnail Part number Model Torque range (Nm)
6159351400 ALPHA D1 0.1 - 1
6159351410 ALPHA D5 0.5 - 5
6159351420 ALPHA D16 1.6 - 16