Discover our production support: on-site technicians, certification training and help identify improvement opportunities for your business.

Support to Optimise production and reduce NOK tightening results

Our Production Support Solutions help you to optimise production and further reduce NOK tightening results and rework.


Desoutter Tools Industrial On-site Technicians

On-site Technicians

Our certified field technicians are at your disposal to support you with solving on-site issues or assist in identifying process improvement opportunities.


  • Quick response time for technical support
  • Solves problems on-site
  • Identifies process improvement opportunities
Desoutter Tools Industrial Certification Training

Certification Training

Develop your technician’s knowledge on troubleshooting and assembly techniques and improve the interaction with our technicians when using the remote service.


  • Enhances customer’s knowledge on troubleshooting
  • Autonomy to solve less complex issues
  • Better technical communications with Desoutter technicians
Desoutter Tools Industrial Performance Validation

Performance Validation (PV)

Aims to identify improvement opportunities and detect before they affect production. This ensures maximum performance in your production.


  • Identify further process improvement opportunities
  • Early detect risks of incorrect tightening
  • Support on root cause analysis

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