Discover our PivotWare Service Solutions: start-up and commissioning, training, remote and on-site support solutions to suit your needs.

PivotWare Service Solutions

A complete and flexible Service offer to suit your needs:

Start-Up Commissioning

A professional, high quality installation adds value.


  • Fast and right first time
  • Avoids delays in Start Of Production
  • Optimised set-up which can be replicated at different plants
  • PivotWare supports your team from start to finish
  • Maintain equipment warranty
Desoutter Schema StartUp Commissioning

Certification training

Train your team and provide the maintenance and support for your installation


  • Certified training to take the 1st level responsibility for configuring and maintaining the installation
  • True customer ownership
  • ‘Essential Care’ recommended to complement this solution
Desoutter Certification Training

Support solutions

Essential Care or Peace of Mind: choose the level of support to suit your needs and to protect your installation


  • Choose the right solution for you
  • Protect your system data from loss or corruption
  • Fast response reduces the risk of delays and lost production

Essential Care

Peace Of Mind

Remote support on station/module issues
Remote support on server/network issues
Free access to on-line training
Free access to new releases
Advanced support on stations and modules  
Advanced support on server, db and network  
On-site technical support *  
Optimisation with new Features  
Performance KPIs  
* Hours on-site are to suit customer needs. Remote support On site support

Production Support

Add more value to your installation to bring more benefits


  • Fast response for trouble shooting
  • Further improve process and quality
  • Increase the benefits from your installation
Desoutter Production Support

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