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A combination of human expertise and interconnected solutions to maximize your assembly process.

Optimize manufacturing efficiency at your own pace

A unique synergy of connected tools, process control, data analysis, visual guidance, system integration combined with a high level of human expertise.

Our commitments

  • To understand you globally and locally

  • To answer your scalability challenges

  • To bring you flexibility

  • To offer you intuitive solutions

We offer solutions that fit manufacturing assemblies of today and the future. They are adaptable, interchangeable, have the ability to expand and are completely customized to fit each individual facility. We work in partnership with customers in the automotive, aerospace, general industry and battery industries, providing them with scalable, flexible and versatile solutions that address their key challenges.

They trust us!


They trust us !

Desoutter keeps us up-to-date with automatic assembly developments and offers suggestions on where and how new solutions can benefit our business

Joel Dias

Process Specialist - FORVIA Faurecia

Our partnership with Forvia

From applications up to data

Facilitating interaction, decision making, integration, evolution and much more.

We discuss both your current and future needs and provide you with insights about the existing configuration of your line, where improvements can be made, and identify potential stumbling blocks.

Globally and locally

We discuss, listen, and advise. Our approach is to collaborate with our customers, working with them as consultants on an ongoing basis.

  • Discover our expertise across 250+ countries. Our local teams are ready to assist you in assessing, deploying, and maintaining solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Thanks to our interconnected organization spanning six continents, our solutions can be replicated across production lines and geographies, optimising your assembly operations.

To bring you flexibility

Everything you are searching for in one partner:

  • A single point of contact across the entire value chain
  • A long-term partnership with efficient local support wherever you are located
  • Solutions to support sustainable productivity
  • Solutions from applications up to data analytics

Book a consultation with a Desoutter expert

As station experts, we understand your current line configuration. We perform an assessment, and then propose how to adapt our solution to your existing requirements.

To answer scalability challenges

Every manufacturing facility is different, with different priorities. Every solution is customizable and designed to fit varying needs

  • Add new tightening tools, traceability software, data analysis, motion control and other new features as required
  • Seamless integration of new connected tools or features
  • Integrate evolving solutions for future compatibility

To work with intuitive solutions

Work in full autonomy with a seamless user experience

  • Rebalance assets and features at any time
  • Retain full ownership with intuitive user interfaces
  • Use non-Desoutter brand assets within Desoutter ECOSYSTEM

Dive into a world of interconnected solutions

Desoutter, your Sustainable Partner

Committed to building a more sustainable industry