Desoutter awarded as key supplier!

Desoutter awarded as key supplier!

On 09.07.2019 we received the "Key Supplier Recognition" personally from BROSE in Bamberg. This is an award that BROSE presents every two years to very few selected suppliers, from more than 5,000 suppliers worldwide. The calculation to which suppliers the prize is awarded is based on a fixed list of criteria on the part of BROSE.

To justify why we have received this award: BROSE currently has 63 manufacturing plants worldwide. Each of these works is attached to a so-called tail unit in which the technical specifications, processes and structures are defined. All tail units of BROSE are based in Germany and are looked after directly by us. There sit technologists who define standards and transfer them to the assigned plants. Within our Customer Center, we do not have a customer who lives and drives standardization as BROSE does! So there are e.g. in some areas "BROSE standard offers" which clearly define their standards and which are ordered worldwide. In doing so, we help to ensure that no individual solutions are used, but always the proven solutions demanded by BROSE. With its products and services, its local but above all global structure, Desoutter made a decisive contribution to BROSE being able to implement the standards nationwide in a number of areas. The personal contact and the professional way of working of Desoutter was outstanding positive, according to all BROSE-responsible persons! Despite being a partial monopolist (for example in the field of door systems), we have taken extraordinary and professional care of all matters and concerns of BROSE and have always helped those responsible with all the resources that were needed. Coordination and communication about global projects was also positively mentioned.

The price is no guarantee for further orders or that we are necessarily preferred in any decisions. It shows, however, that we are perceived extremely positively by our key customer and that we are doing the right thing! We are delighted to receive this award and thank all those who contributed to it for this success, which continues to inspire us to outstanding achievements!


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