Desoutter Industrial Tools incorporates the Nexonar positioning solution into its ecosystem

Desoutter Industrial Tools incorporates the Nexonar positioning solution into its ecosystem

The new addition helps customers take Smart Assembly to the next level in high precision industrial Manufacturing.
Desoutter Industrial Tools has incorporated the Nexonar positioning solution into its ecosystem. As a result, customers worldwide can now benefit from unparalleled accuracy and traceability in precision assembly. The new offering will also deliver significant process control improvements in productivity, quality, and safety.

Desoutter has been working with Nexonar since 2017. Following its recent acquisition Desoutter is now integrating Nexonar into its existing ecosystem, making it easier to use and install it on assembly lines.

Yohan Verdon, Vice President, Desoutter Industrial Tools, commented: “Our customers will benefit from the combined expertise inherent in both companies, particularly in process control, operator guidance, and software interface turnkey solutions. Being able to offer Nexonar as part of our ecosystem also enhances our global service and responsiveness to the market’s needs.


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Nexonar is the most advanced technology of its kind currently available. The live motion capture solution can position any asset within 1mm in real-time and with zero latency. The unrivalled accuracy makes it ideal for highly demanding industries such as automotive and aerospace, where optimal precision is critical with no room for error. Example applications include tightening, drilling, and pick & place operations for electric vehicles battery pack assembly or inner and outer fuselages of aircraft.

The solution uses infra-red  active tag technology and proprietary software to monitor the precise distances of objects on the assembly line. The active tags are easily applied to components, tools, and operator apparel such as gloves or wristbands. These sensors are monitored using one or several infra-red cameras installed on the line. The Nexonar software then guides the process sequence, clearly outlining the steps and eliminating the possibility of errors to help the operators complete each task efficiently and with the best possible quality. It also registers the position of each part during assembly to ensure total traceability.


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