How to simplify your spare parts search and quotation request?

How to simplify your spare parts search and quotation request?

Save time and find in one click the spare parts you are looking for in Service Link!

In these tough economic times, tools having a good level of reparability, plus fast and efficient maintenance is more important than ever to keep your production running.

That’s why Desoutter has put a special focus on providing clear and quality spare parts information. Digital Spare Parts catalogues are easy and free to access in Service Link from the Desoutter website, either from the Service section or directly included to each dedicated product web pages.

Service Link is very intuitive to navigate. Selecting exploded views of the item you are looking for is easy, and the hotspot function will provide you in a click the relevant reference ID to add to your basket. What’s new about Service Link? You can now forward the content of your basket easily by clicking on a new “Request a Quote” button. You can be sure that your local Desoutter team will provide you with a fast response and good support!


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