See the highlights of the AHTE/AMTS Show 2019 editon!

See the highlights of the AHTE/AMTS Show 2019 editon!

On 3rd of July 2019, the fifteenth "AMTS Shanghai International Automobile Equipment Exhibition" and the "AHTE Shanghai International Industrial Assembly Exhibition" were opened. At the exhibition, a number of new technologies and new concepts were promoted. Advanced manufacturing technology, cross-border technology integration and smart equipment solutions will make the production process of automotive companies more systematic and smart in the future.

In the era of digitalization and flexibility, the scientific control and management of product assembly process can not only streamline work process, but also significantly improve quality of product assembly and production efficiency. Desoutter Tools brings digital and smart assembly concepts to display how industries such as automotive, electronics, and general-purpose industries move towards Industry 4.0 and how China's smart manufacturing benefits from automation and intelligence in production and assembly lines.

The results of the AMTS&AHTE of this exhibition go beyond expectation

CCTV official media, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Auto Manufacturing Engineer, AI auto manufacturing industry, Ringier and other media biggie have picked Desoutter booth!

The smart assembly concept is no longer a new thing for domestic technology-leading automakers. Whether the driving factor is flexible production or increase of production efficiency, the digitization of industrial production is becoming the standard.

Highlight products of Desoutter

  • Through high-precision torque control and automation integration, effective and stable control of product quality is achieved in the industry of precision electronics assembly
  • Smart positioning and error-proof system for position tracking and wireless control eliminate any error and missing happened during assembly
  • Automatic nailing system for integrated automated assembly, including bolt separation, sorting, transporting and orientation
  • The ideal solution for battery pack assembly, special insulated output heads to avoid the conduction of conductive metal, and in turn prevent the risk of electric shock of the loop

On-site interactive activities "Challenging robots through tightening the horizontal covers" and "The players of automobile assembly" get a spectacular event started.

"Challenging robots through tightening the horizontal covers" attracts audiences to experience the assembly skills of automatic devices: the communication interface of smart tightening tools and the coordinating robot formed a good closed-loop control. According to the pre defined process, this enable to tighten without any error of angle or torque, providing you with high precision and ergonomics to a level which is difficult to be reached by manpower.

"The players of automobile assembly" gives the audiences very hilarious experience. The "interesting and fun" assembly process control activity attracted a large number of people to participate and experience how scientific control and management can effectively prevent errors. The assembly process is completed by digital visual intelligent guide with refined management of each component, prompts workers where assembly is needed, and provides real-time feedback of the final assembly results to show whether the final assembly is qualified to prevent defect products.

EABS new ergonomic battery wrench successfully released

Discover the EABS

In an assembly application, nothing is more frustrating than operating power tools in tight spaces — especially when you need to get one hand free to support yourself or hold other parts.

  • EABS is our new wireless electric wrench with a length of only 30 cm, eliminating space limitations to increase your productivity and make it easy for the operators to work.
  • It is 20 - 35% more compact than similar products in the market, weighs only 1 kg and provides 360° visibility feedback. EABS makes it faster and easier to tighten up to 24 Nm under the condition that the space is limited.
  • Through RFID pairing, it can be paired with a CONNECT Smart Tightening Center for applications that require traceability. We apply contactless pairing in less than 10 seconds.
  • The RFID pairing design eliminates any programming error, such as incorrect IP address assignments, which may lead to hours of unplanned downtime in the network.


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