Desoutter Aerospace Center has now unveiled its new facilities!

Desoutter Aerospace Center has now unveiled its new facilities!

On 17th of September 2019, we were proud to officially open our new Desoutter Aerospace Center with production and showroom based in Collégien, Paris, France!

The new Desoutter Aerospace Center also gets an innovative showroom which demonstrates the innovative aerospace solutions that Desoutter brings to the dedicated assembly markets in the age of Industry 4.0. The highly interactive product displays focus on wireless tools and communications for traceability and process control to support flexible assembly processes but also demonstrates the full range of capabilities Desoutter offers including customized solutions. The new facility will provide a personalized experience for key aerospace customers as well as support ongoing competency development of Desoutter sales professionals and channel partners.

Aerospace is a fantastic and extremely demanding industry. However, this sector has traditionally been seen as a slow mover in the introduction of new technologies. Production is characterized by relatively small volumes, large components and accessibility problems during assembly. All these factors make it difficult to change over from manual processes in aircraft production. Nevertheless, volumes continue to grow as people travel more. All major OEMs therefore need to limit quality costs and cycle times, to exclude human factors as a source of error as far as possible and to become more efficient. With intelligent software and digital networking, assembly tools can now make a key contribution. They offer far greater flexibility and can be fully linked both to each other and to manufacturers’ production and quality systems.

Just a few examples of how the industry can already benefit from digital progress in the context of Industry 4.0:

  • User guidance and geo-positioning solutions make the assembly information required available at the right place and time, allowing people to work more efficiently and reducing the probability of errors.
  • Special process control software prevents work steps from being skipped and ensures error-free processes.
  • Direct feedback from smart tools to quality management enhances traceability and the quality of the entire process and product.
  • Processes can be further optimized through efficient analysis of the data generated.
  • Total life cycle costs can be reduced.

Production processes in the aerospace industry are especially complex. Industry 4.0 implementation is therefore a demanding process but it guarantees a high ROI and a technological edge for early adopters.
As automation continues to create new roles and new challenges, intuitive human-machine interfaces like PivotWare will become increasingly important. Desoutter is at the forefront of these developments

If you would like to visit the Desoutter application showroom or have a visit to your facility from one of our specialists, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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