Partnering accelerates the transition to Industry 4.0 – IAC Group & Desoutter

Partnering accelerates the transition to Industry 4.0 – IAC Group & Desoutter

Businesses worldwide face challenges every day: whether it is meeting a tight delivery deadline, competing with a new rival in the marketplace or dealing with an unplanned outage on a production line. These common occurrences can generally be resolved using internal resources. Occasionally, the challenge is large enough for businesses to require some extra support.


Making the transition to Industry 4.0 ways of working is one such challenge. Most businesses accept the need for change, but don’t necessarily have all the resources in-house to effect the transition smoothly. So, choosing a partner who can support your Industry 4.0 ambitions and who understands your business is vital.

From the advent of Industry 4.0, Desoutter recognised that it was in a unique position to provide both the consultancy expertise and the products to help its customers accelerate their transition to smarter ways of working. Our Desoutter 4.0 approach is already helping companies modernise their production environments and their supply chains.

One such example is our partnership with International Automotive Components Group (IAC Group). By working closely with the IAC Group team, Desoutter has been able to understand where making the transition to smarter ways of working might present risks and rewards. IAC Group wanted to improve productivity, flexibility and traceability through investment in Industry 4.0 technologies. On this occasion, our PivotWare process control platform provided the ideal solution.

PivotWare guides IAC Group operators through assembly tasks as part of an automated process, using a graphic and textual display to show them exactly what tools to use, what components to apply and where to fix them. The system verifies that each step has been completed correctly before allowing the operator to move to the next stage. The platform is programmable by the customer using the software tools provided, ensuring that IAC Group can respond quickly to changes in production requirements without any need for specialist intervention. In addition, the PivotWare platform collects meaningful data in real time, with reporting options available at the click of a button.