North American has now unveiled its new facilities!

North American has now unveiled its new facilities!

On the 28th of June, at Desoutter Tools North America, we were proud to officially open our new manufacturing application showroom based in Rock Hill, South Carolina!

View of Desoutter Tools North America building from air


The new showroom demonstrates the innovative solutions Desoutter continues to bring to the industrial assembly market in the age of Industry 4.0. The highly interactive product displays focus on wireless tools and communications for traceability and process control to support flexible assembly processes but also demonstrates the full range of capabilities Desoutter offers including customized solutions and process control software. The new facility will provide a personalized trade show experience for key customers as well as support ongoing competency development of Desoutter sales professionals and channel partners.

The rise of automation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 ‘intelligent’ tools is helping us produce more bespoke solutions to customer requirements, particularly in high tech sectors like the automotive and aerospace industries. In today’s modern, flexible manufacturing environment that same worker may be required to rivet body panels one shift and wire up a lighting system on the next. Traditional training in all these skills takes time – and the pace of technological change can render such learning obsolete very quickly. Modern assembly workers need to feel valued and competent, and must be able to access the information they need to complete diverse tasks efficiently and without error 

To support manufacturers in this, in addition to and complementing  Desoutter’s ‘intelligent’ tooling is PivotWare, a comprehensive process control platform that guides operators through a specific set of assembly tasks as part of an automated process. The system verifies that each step has been completed correctly before allowing the operator to move to the next stage. The platform is programmable by the customer using software tools provided, so responsiveness to changes in production requirements is unhampered by any need for specialist intervention.

As automation continues to create new roles and new challenges, intuitive human-machine interfaces like PivotWare will become increasingly important. Desoutter is at the forefront of these developments

If you would like to visit the Desoutter application showroom or have a visit to your facility from one of our specialists, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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