Desoutter Participates in China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition!

Desoutter Participates in China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition!

Come & discover our aersopace industry4.0 assembly solutions in Zhuhai, China, from November 1st to 6th!

Zhuhai, China (Nov. 1, 2016) – “Industry 4.0” and “China Manufacturing 2025” are driving the continuous reform and development in the aviation industry. In particular, the role of lean, intelligent and automatic assembly is getting more and more important. With these trends, Desoutter keeps making innovations in industrial tools. As a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools, Desoutter participates in the 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) held in Zhuhai from November 1 to 6 with its advanced products and solutions.


Desoutter is the only exhibitor of power tools at Airshow China. This year marks Desoutter’s second presence at the exhibition. Back in 2014, its first show was well received by many customers in the aviation and aerospace industry. After that, Desoutter keeps optimizing its products and launching new solutions with a constant pursuit of innovation. At this year’s exhibition, Desoutter unveils its Electric Drilling Units (EDU). As an upgraded version of the previous pneumatic Advanced Drilling Units (ADU), EDU will raise drilling performance and quality to an unprecedented level, with automatic identification of different material and switch between relevant drilling parameters, as well as data storage and transmission, truly answering to the requirements on intelligent manufacturing embodied in “Industry 4.0”. Global wise, Desoutter’s EDU is now the only electric drilling tool certified by Airbus, and has been in wide use in production lines.

“At Desoutter, we are customer-oriented, and have the ambition to always be the best partner for our customers,” said Joe Shi, Aerospace Business Manager of Desoutter. “We have a highly professional team focused on technology and the market. Our people think ahead to lead the development trend of the aviation assembly industry, perfectly combining the advantage of Desoutter’s global resource network with powerful local support, taking into account the situation of the industry in China. In this way, our customers’ needs are met, from tool selection to customization of drilling and tightening solutions.”

Desoutter’s booth is at Hall No.5 of Zhuhai Airshow Center. Booth number is H5-B3. Besides the unveiling of EDU, Desoutter displays its full-series aviation assembly solutions at the 50-square-meter exhibition area, with the theme of “advanced technologies in aircraft assembly”. Other product highlights include:

  • Pneumatic drilling units: Equipped with powerful turbo pneumatic motor, this product range is dedicated to one-shot drilling, reaming and countersinking operations to meet high requirements of accuracy, safety and reliability, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

  • CVI3 assembly system: Dedicated to satisfy the demands of crucial tightening, the system ensures the traceability for safety-critical applications. Thanks to the error-proofing module and the wide range of tools, the CVI3 system makes it possible to apply to every application with unmatched flexibility.

  • Aircraft wheel assembly equipment: Using fully-automatic-transducer HMI to control twin or multiple spindles system, the equipment realizes real-time monitoring and data storage.

  • Collaborative robot with ADU drilling and automatic rivets feeding: This is applicable to production lines with or without human workers, meeting the requirements of high-accuracy drilling and automatic assembly, and effectively reducing labor cost. The fasteners applicable cover various kinds of rivets, temporary fasteners and high-lock bolts.

Desoutter has a long history of providing industrial tool solutions for aviation and aerospace manufacturers. With abundant industrial experience, firm resolutions to go further in the industry, and ongoing pace in innovation, Desoutter will keep growing itself and playing an important role in the steady development of China’s aviation and aerospace industry, to boost the realization of “China Manufacturing 2025.”