Desoutter is built to last – with a strong service

Desoutter is built to last – with a strong service

The KL135 tools were launched on the market 80 years ago.
These tools has been used to run the ventilation of the Carousel in Nantes, France.
We've just been asked to repair them, and they are now again running in the Carousel!

Located on the banks of the Loire river, across from the Musée Jules Verne, the Carrousel des Mondes Marins seems to have been born in the belly of Île de Nantes, the city’s most maritime spot.

It is an incredible mechanical aquarium that the visitors discover at their own pace.

This authentic 360° theatre is also an incredible sculpture dedicated to the sea.  Visitors watch as strange and disturbing marine creatures revolve in a huge structure built on three levels. You will discover the sea like never before, from seabeds to sea surface.

This giant carousel, almost 25 m (82 ft.) high and 22 m (72 ft.) in diameter, is a reinvention of fairground art. Three carousels are stacked in concrete lacework,crowned by a Big Top that is itself adorned with pediments, and guarded by 16 fishermen from all the world’s oceans.