Sales Engineer - Japan

Sales Engineer - Japan

Become our new Desoutter Sales Engineer in Japan!

Job description 

Reporting to CPI BLM, applicant will be responsible for the following:
CPI BLMへレポートし、下記の責任を持つ:

  • * Expand current customer base and Develop new business with MVI customers and selected GI customers in Western Part of Japan.
  • 現在の顧客基盤の拡大、西日本における自動車産業界の顧客と選択された一般産業界の顧客の新規開拓
  • * Provide professional customer management for CS.
  • 顧客満足のためのプロフェッショナルな顧客マネジメントの提供
  • * Promote suitable products for customer needs and problems.
  • 客ニーズに対応した製品の販売促進 

Experience requirements 

  • B to B sales experience for more than 5 years (mandatory),
  • Mechatronics products sales experience ( mandatory),
  • PC skill (mandatory, PowerPoint / Excel / Word ),
  • Statistics object management
  • 5年以上のB to B営業の経験(必須)、
  • 電子機械製品の営業経験(必須)
  • PCスキル(必須:パワーポイント/エクセル/ワード)、
  • 数値目標の管理 


  • Business experience for automobile industry (Preferable )
  • 自動車産業界での営業経験(望ましい) 

Educational requirements 

  • University Degree or equivalent required, English to establish communication with Nantes, Native level of Japanese
  • 大学卒又は同等、ナントとのコミュニケーションの確立のための英語力が必要、日本語母国語レベル 

Personality requirements 

  • Excellent social skill, Self-motived mind, Customer oriented attitude with endurance
  • 優れた社交術、自発性、継続的な顧客志向 

Country and city description 

Nagoya in Japan, 名古屋 

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